The Coca-Cola Company
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Georgia Institute of Technology
Hewlett Packard
Georgia State University
Centers for Disease Control and
Savannah State University
Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Kimberly Clark Corporation
World Airways, Inc.
Citizens Trust Bank
Aularale Cosmetics, Inc.
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.


Transforming Women Entrepreneurs

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   Nancy J. Lewis, MS, PHR, RCC
   President/Author/Business Coach

is a leading motivational/inspirational speaker, trainer, business coach, and author. She is the president of Progressive Techniques, Inc. based in Fayetteville, Georgia where the theme of her organization is “Developing a Better YOU!” She earned a M.S. degree from Georgia State University in Urban and Public Affairs with a concentration in Human Resources. She is a business professional with 20 years experience in training. Nancy works with organizations that want to grow their people and with people who want more impact in their lives and careers.

   Business Coaching

Coaching is not just for athletes anymore! Think about this point. Just as you hire a personal trainer to help get your physical body in shape, you often need guidance and support from someone who can help get your life in shape to accomplish your goals.

Coaching is a one-on-one trusting relationship with a business coach who facilitates and guides you toward achieving important goals in your career and life. My role as a coach is to provide you with the direction to get the maximum results desired to propel you to the next level of success.

To propel forward, business coaching helps you:

  • Get unstuck from a dead-end job to a fulfilling career
  • Identify realistic and relevant goals that are important to your career
  • Navigate through workplace changes with success
  • Transition into being the best you can possibly be
  • Enhance the quality of life professionally and personally
  • Maintain goal-oriented focus in life
  • Achieve more with less stress
  • Reduce self-imposed barriers that limit your thinking

Your career success is well worth the time of partnering with a business coach who can help you tap into your hidden potential and have a more fulfilling career and life.


Developing a Better YOU!

Basic techniques are shared that help us be the best we can be. Nancy reminds you that everything starts from the inside out. We must know who we are and what gifts we possess in order to move to the next level. You will be inspired and energized to go and Develop a Better YOU!

Motivation: It's An Inside Job
This keynote will give you ten strategies that will help you in motivating yourself. Too often, we feel that others can motivate us. It is important to recognize that lasting motivation must begin with you. The strategies shared are the fundamentals of life, but when applied, renew and change your life.
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